ZARP Github Issues: September Update 2022

# Assignee Assignee Issue Name Description Date Created
6 TheXnator Shop Rework Remake the player shop user interface and integrate into the new F4 menu This should also include graphs for displaying... 22/02/2022
47 TheXnator Mining job system When people are afk in the spawn region (or whilst not mining?) for a prolonged period of time (30-45mins or more?) as t... 06/06/2022
52 Unassigned Job tutorials Every job should have a tutorial to explain how it is used the first time you use them settings should exist for disa... 19/06/2022
62 TheXnator Hitman Revamp Revamp the hitman job with a new hitlist displaying hit targets, their values and who placed the hits Allow hitmen to "... 03/08/2022
63 TheXnator Make level pages close with F4 10/08/2022
64 TheXnator Mining Bag Item Mining bag item which will allow users to store their ores within a bag separate to their own inventory weight Bag will... 10/08/2022

ZARP Github Issues: Unassigned

# Assignee Assignee Issue Name Description Date Created
8 Unassigned Player Levelling System EXP over time and for certain gameplay activities Certain levels should unlock new content A leaderboard should be add... 22/02/2022
13 Unassigned Gang Achievements Achievement system for gangs which could give gangs a range of potential rewards including: Gang EXP Gang loot Gang c... 23/02/2022
20 Unassigned Shop Display Shelf 04/03/2022
26 ReallyMartin Map Tab in the F4 Menu - Add map tab in the F4 menu - Zoomable, moveable high-res version of the map - NPC Locations are overlayed automatica... 25/03/2022
27 ReallyMartin Support for Multiple NPCs per Type - Add ability to add multiple npc spawns of one type - Place more general stores around the map 25/03/2022
30 Unassigned Bind creator 30/03/2022
41 Unassigned Achievements System Achievement system with achievements based on jobs and other categories Achievements can be completed to receive cash a... 23/05/2022
44 chuteuk Event system changes Add a health bar for NPCs in the event (if there is one NPC with high health) Add a "damage" scoring type so whoever do... 26/05/2022
53 ReallyMartin Hideout system expansions - [ ] Special crafting items in hideouts - [ ] Unlock features of hideouts with "hideout upgrades" which can be crafted... 02/07/2022
60 TheXnator Antman suit New suit which can get bigger or smaller and will get slower/faster and have more/less health depending 30/07/2022
61 Unassigned Add buttons to admin keypad tool Make buttons work with the keypad checker as they can also be linked to fading doors 30/07/2022


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