ZARP Policies

Community Q&As

Community Q&As are regularly held events to keep the Community updated on the future of ZARP, answer questions and directly respond to new community-wide ideas and suggestions. We aim to hold around 2 - 3 Q&A sessions throughout the year, but it's ultimately up to the Community Team how many session will take place and when they are scheduled.

We try to make the Q&A sessions as accessible as possible. The only requirement to participate is to have access to the platform on which the sessions are being hosted (Our official Teamspeak and Discord servers). Banned players are not allowed to directly participate in the sessions. Some sessions will be live streamed by a member of the Community Team but this is not strictly required. You may not record / stream the session yourself without permission from the Community Team. The Community Team may exclude anyone from the Q&A at any point in time if they are breaking rules, not following our terms of use or disrupting the session in another way.

Scheduling Q&A Sessions

In order for a Q&A session to take place it will need to be brought up by a Community Manager or above during the weekly Community Team meeting. Before officially voting on whether or not to schedule a session, the following details need to be agreed upon:

  • Scheduled Date and Time of the Q&A session
  • Scheduled Duration of the Q&A session
  • Platform the Q&A session will be held on (Teamspeak or Discord?)
  • If and how the session is going to be documented (Live Stream, Recording, etc.)
  • Who is going to be responsible for documenting the session? (if applicable)
  • Who is going to be responsible for hosting the session?

After formally voting to hold a Q&A session it has to be announced in the weekly Community Team Meeting Outcome. It should also be promoted using a dedicated forum announcement. Server Owners and above are urged to attend these sessions, as they should be able to respond to any upcoming questions about their respective servers. Q&A sessions should be announced at least a few days in advance to give as many people the opportunity to attend as possible.