Frequently Asked Questions

How do I link my Minecraft Account?

In order to enjoy the benefits of ZARP VIP on our Minecraft servers you will need to link your Minecraft account to your forum account, to do this please follow this simple and easy guide!

Step 1: Edit Profile

To start the process of linking your accounts you will need to first go to the Edit My Profile Page. Once there bellow your profile page you will find a box with the command you will need to enter in game on the Minecraft server at image01

Step 2: Ingame Linking

Once you have joined any of the Minecraft servers you will need to type the command found in Step 1, /link . Once you have done this you will be notified that your Minecraft Account has now been linked to your forum account. image02

Step 3: Confirm Minecraft Account

Return to your profile page, and you will be prompted to confirm the linking of your Minecraft Account to your forum account. image03

Step 4: Accounts have been Linked!

Your Forum and Minecraft Account has now been permanently linked! If you have purchased ZARP VIP and are currently in game you will need to rejoin for your benefits. Otherwise your benefits will automatically start working when you join the server. image04

Other Information

  • ZARP VIP Upgrades will only work if you have purchased the ZARP VIP Upgrade.
  • If you encounter a request to link your profile to an account that you don't recognize then please contact a server administrator.
  • If you encounter a problem with any step of this guide then please make a forum post or contact an administrator for help.