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TOPIC: [TTT] The worst update in a long time.

[TTT] The worst update in a long time. 3 months 5 days ago #454996

When the update was going out, I was happy. I was actually hyped over the new update. When it's out now. I feel like it's a waste of a decent Lua scripter's time. Now, there will be some stuff that I will point out about this update. No offence to Max (Just a little) but the update sucks.

The RDM manager: I as most of the staff were thrilled about the new RDM manager, since the old one looked like a creation of the Microsoft tech support team. But the new one is now out and I have to say that I dislike it. It looks a bit more stylish and nice. But the funktions suck. Now I can't even use it, but when I could use it it had no good functions at all. The old one had atleast stuff that could help you with the reports and help you make your conclution.

The map: The map is okay. It looks like a christmas version of the Minecraft TTT map. Nothing special. But there was going to be ONE awesome thing about it. The boat. But it was removed.

The pointshop: Oh the new nonexisting items are awesome!!!! I really like that one Hautsune christmas player model...................................................

The calendar: (not in the christmas update but I have to type this) It is nice getting 7 santa hats in total. Can't even sell 6 and keep oone because if you already have one. The one you get gets deleted.

Aslay: When I finaly have eye witnes proof about an RDM happening. I can finaly warn and asl... I can't even ASLAY THE RDMER?! No I can't, so can't any mod or admin in this server.
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[TTT] The worst update in a long time. 3 months 5 days ago #454999

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[TTT] The worst update in a long time. 3 months 5 days ago #455000

If it is that bad go make your own update or don't complain.

Could have been helpfull by making a bug report insead of making a topic where you bitch about it.
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[TTT] The worst update in a long time. 3 months 5 days ago #455134

Hi Luki,
All the issues you reported are now fixed and I hope you can now enjoy yourself on the server. If you have an issue again be sure to make a bug report in future as it helps us greatly. We will take your feedback on board and make the report system a lot better for a future update!

- Max
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[TTT] The worst update in a long time. 3 months 5 days ago #455169

Just as a quick update - the old report system has been reinstated temporarily while we iron out the problems with the new report system. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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