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TOPIC: [TTT] Staff list

[TTT] Staff list 2 years 3 months ago #106257

This topic will provide you all information about the Zarp gaming TTT staff members.


The owners are responsible for all of the changes and running the server. If there is a gamebreaking bug or issue with the server in general, you should contact one of the Owners. They are also responsible for dealing with abusive staff members along with the Head Admins and Super Admins, if you have an issue with a Staff member, contact an Owner, Head Admin or Super Admin.

|FP| Chuteuk - Microsoft - Owner/Developer Chuteuk's Steam
|FP| EMP - Owner/Developer l EMP's Steam
Paramontana - Community Manager Paramontana's Steam
Tyler Durden - Community Manager (Developer) Tyler's Steam
Max - Server Owner/Developer l Max's Steam
CaptinF1rework - Server Owner l CaptinF1rework's Steam

Head Administrators

Are in charge of managing the staff team. Head Admin is the second highest in-game rank. They deal with staff to staff problems, can issue demotions in case of an emergency and are given access to all administrative commands. Should you have a problem with a staff member these are the people who can best assist you.

Johnler | Johnler's Steam
Hazzenator | Hazzenator's Steam
R-Flex | R-Flex's Steam
Grumpy Marshmallow | Grumpy's Steam
Luki Guki | Luki Guki's Steam

Super Administrators

Super Administrators are the lead team for the game mode TTT. If you have any problems with one of the staff members, or you see one of them abusing their commands then please contact one of the people in the Super Administrator team, this team also happily helps you out with anything else regarding TTT. This team consists out of the following people:

Jim Jam | YIM YAM's Steam
TheXnator | Xnator's Steam
The Winged Dragon Of Raa | Raa's Steam
Raeker | Raeker's steam
MpQ | mPq’s Steam


The Administrator team keeps the server clean from rulebreakers, hackers and whatsoever. This team has the privilege to ban people from the server if there is no other way around. If you see a hacker, massive rulebreaker or anything else that's against the rules then please contact one of them so they can deal with it. Make sure to have solid proof, because without proof there will be no action taken against the player. This team exists out of the following people:

BananaSlanger | Banana's Steam
Slifer The Sky Dragon | Slifer's Steam
Erikas | Erika's steam
System AJ | System's steam
p0rtalsh0oter | Portal's steam
DiamondWolfi | Diamond's steam
Poogle | Poogle's steam
No name | No name’s steam
Harry RDM squatta | Harry’s steam
Pikachu | Pikachu's steam
Swaghetti | Swaghetti's Steam
Leopatra | Leopatra’s steam
Toxim | Toxim’s steam
Benzor | Benzor’s steam
BigWhal | Whal’s steam
Tadgee | Tadgee’s steam[/ur]
Chienman |
Cheinman’s steam
Mordan  | Mordan's steam
Mr. White  | White’s steam


The Moderator team keeps the TTT servers clean just like the Administrators, however they
have less commands, but they still can deal with every situation on the servers, except for banning people. The moderator team exists out of the following people:

God_In_Pvp | God’s steam
Emperor Streamy | Streamy’s Steam
TasteTheRainbow | Rainbow’s steam
SwiiFTz | Swiift’z steam
Liam | Liam’s steam
3,3 Zye | Zye’s steam
Sorle | Sorle’s steam
Megumin | Megumin’s steam
Greeney | Green’s steam
Johnny4g | Jonny’s steam
Big Smoke | Big Smoke’s steam
Assassin | Assasin’s steam

Interested in becoming a staff member on the Zarpgaming TTT servers? Then you can make a topic in the category server applications, with the following template. Make sure you read the entire template topic and follow the instructions carefully. If you need any help with it then contact one of the people from above, preferably not the Head Administrators. If people are claiming they are a staff member and they are not on this list, then please contact a (Super) Administrator so they can deal with it. Staff members will also never ask for any personal details/passwords. If they're doing so then please contact a Super Administrator immediately.

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