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TOPIC: [DEATHRUN] Moderator/Admin/ Template

[DEATHRUN] Moderator/Admin/ Template 2 years 5 months ago #86247

Applications for Deathrun

We receive a large volume of applications each week, therefore for ease of administrative work we ask that you format the title of your application as requested by the application template pertaining to the server you are applying for.

Application Info
This is the application for the Deathrun Servers.

Note: Prefix your application as "[Deathrun] myname's application"

[b]Steam Name:[/b]

[b]Link to Steam Profile:[/b]

[b]Current Gametracker Profiles:[/b]
Server 1 - http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/play.zarpgaming.com:27035/top_players/


[b]Languages I speak:[/b]

Deathrun related

[b]What is Ghosting? and give an example:[/b] (Explain in your own words what ghosting is and give an example of ghosting)

[b]How would you deal with a disrespectful player?:[/b] (Explain in your own words how you would deal with a player being disrespectful towards another player or staff member.)

[b]Why I should be chosen:[/b] (Explain in your own words WHY we should chose you to become moderator, what makes you stand out? What are good traits about you? (The questions are examples and are NOT part of the template.  (We recommend around 75 words))


[b]When it will be appropriate to use the ban command?:[/b]

[b]Explain any situation you had to work around in your time as a moderator. How could your promotion help this?:[/b]

[b]Why I should be promoted:[/b] (We recommend around 75 words)
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