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TOPIC: ban request and too young for mod

ban request and too young for mod 4 months 2 weeks ago #465847

Name - Niko Magicwaffles Xnate (And sgt something)
Steam-ID - STEAM_0:0:109378117 STEAM_0:0:86214918 STEAM_0:0:113877117
Evidence of Steam-ID - (Screenshot or video of the accused players Steam-ID)
Server - Zarp 1
Time and date (CET) - around 7:00 pm
Other comments - I just want to say that niko is too young to be a mod and that he isn't clear of what's going on I made a report of rdm and then asked me for proof when the logs show you that I died in fountain district and it was a mug
Reason - Admin abuse (Disrespect) rdm (I broke nlr and disrespect to record this video sorry)
Story - So I told my friend to roast him and it was a joke and he started to curse( And the other one was just straight rdm)
Proof -https://youtu.be/UuNAEvurCJ4
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ban request and too young for mod 4 months 2 weeks ago #465849

Would just like to say noone is too young for a staff position it is based on your attitude more than your age
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ban request and too young for mod 4 months 2 weeks ago #465861

I know what you mean but you don't get what I am saying hes facing with people cursing infront of him and he cannot handle situation properly if for example a kid likes to play a game and you can see he just disrespected understale soo hard and he does nothing about it like its admin abuse Its just that kids don't listen they do whatever they want and you can tell that the post he made wasn't probably him it was maybe his dad or guardians its rare to see a young kid like him write like that

And another thing is that today I was in a sit with niko for rdm and hes like where's the proof when its right infront of his face like are you serious... He closed the report and let him rdm me like couple of more times and then did nothing about it.. I made a f1 he responded and I said he rdmed me multiple time and then hes like where's the proof and then im like you know what like just quit your job your bad at it the proof is right there good thing I recorded so you can believe me

This screen shot shows you that his friend xnate killed me at fountain district with his friend and he didn't do anything about it
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ban request and too young for mod 4 months 2 weeks ago #465872


First of all there is no age limit for Staff of any kind.
Second, if anything you should get warned for mass disrespect
Third, Niko was giving you a verbal warning since you were Breaking NLR, which is not against the rules.

Stop being immature and grow up.
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ban request and too young for mod 4 months 2 weeks ago #465908

Staff can be any age first of all dude, Also I highly suggest you stop disrespecting the staff team as you won't be here for long. Also, You're the one who disrespected people as well as Broke NLR. So Niko wasn't at fault here dude, it was you.Denied, You and your friend should've been gagged for disrespect so concider yourself lucky, Now next time stop trying to "Roast" people when you're breaking rules.
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