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BAN REQUEST 4 months 2 weeks ago #463471

Name - (What is the accused person's name?):|UB|AssassinCult
Steam-ID - (What is the accused person's Steam-ID?):STEAM_0:0:78857050
Evidence of Steam-ID - (Screenshot or video of the accused players Steam-ID):in video
Server - (What server was this on?):1
Time and date (CET) - (When did it happend?):right now
Other comments - (Anything else you want to add?):HE IS MASS RULE BREAKING
Reason - (What rules did the person break?):false demotes,mass rdm. big gun as cit
Story - (What happened?): joined s1 and he demoting me for "not vip" and big gun as cit and mass rdming!!
Proof - (Any proof (video or screenshot) that clearly shows what happened.):https://youtu.be/ovyTw3GyNBo
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lol rekt
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BAN REQUEST 4 months 2 weeks ago #463473

This user is currently banned.
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BAN REQUEST 4 months 2 weeks ago #463634

As this user is currently banned, then I'll continue to get this thread locked, thanks for the report though!
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The topic has been locked.
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