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TOPIC: [Deathrun] A's unban request

[Deathrun] A's unban request 5 months 2 weeks ago #450413

Firstly I created this app because this user does not trust forum sites as he does not want to expose his IP so this is a request he wanted me to make for him on the forums from his own words.

Name - *Corrected* - A

Steam-ID - *Corrected* - STEAM_0:0:102870770

Evidence of Steam-ID - *Corrected* -

Server - Deathrun #1

Time and date (CET) - In the afternoon - 12/11/2016 [MM-DD-YY]

Other comments - I spoke with another staff member and according to him, Zaru banned me for having bhop scripts and no recoil. I believe the no recoil part makes no sense since Deathrun guns don't have any recoil unless you add M9K, CW or any other realistic type of weapon addon to the map and bhop scripts to my knowledge only allow you to constantly jump which the server allows you to do freely.

Reason - Abuse of power, not warning,

Story - I said something along the lines of, "I have bhop scripts. Kappa." (Kappa meaning just kidding or not really), Zarumaz replied saying, "why would you say that? xd", he actually believed that I had bhop scripts, asked me what would I do if I got banned from the server, I ignored him to avoid trouble and the next thing I know, I'm permanently banned. I do have a witness and even before all of this happened, I was being harassed by other staff members. I guess Zaru and the other staff members at the time thought, "Hey, look. It's a skilled quiet player. Let's pick on him." That being said, I believe Zaru has something against me.

Proof - I had a screenshot of me saying that I had bhop scripts in chat and him replying to him but deleted it since I thought it was useless.

To prove I have not made this up: -
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