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TOPIC: [TS3] Abuse report template

[TS3] Abuse report template 8 months 3 weeks ago #388727

Please use this template for TeamSpeak 3 only!

The subject should use the following format [TS3] <NAME>'s Abuse report .

Name - (What is the accused person's name?)
Channel - (Which channel was this in?)
Time and date (CET) - (When did it happend?)
Other comments - (Anything else you want to add?)
Reason - (What rules did the person break?)
Story - (What happened?)
Proof - (Any proof (video or screenshot) that clearly shows what happened.)
Who was in the channel? - ( People that was in the channel at the time. )

Punishment Request Help
  • If the template is not used on a ban request, if you lie on a ban request or you don’t have actual evidence the request will be denied.
  • Please keep in mind that is ultimately up to the person handling the request on what the punishment will be and just because you are asking for a warn/ban doesn't mean that's what it will end up being that way.
  • You must have evidence in your ban request. This include Pictures, Demos/Videos. Text logs will not help if you don't have proper evidence. ( BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE TEAMSPEAK RULES AND DON'T RECORD UNLESS YOU KNOW ITS A RULE BREAK OR THIS COULD LEAD TO A BAN PLACED ON YOURSELF)
  • You need to have good evidence in order to prevent someone framing another person.
  • All Punishment Request should go in the Report Abuse section of our forums.
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