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TOPIC: [STAFF] How to Handle Player Reports

[STAFF] How to Handle Player Reports 6 months 2 weeks ago #407021

Important Information

Staff Ethos

The aim of moderation on the server is to improve the experience for people, not to interrupt people’s roleplay when it’s not necessary. Staff are there to have fun and to help others have fun too not to ban and warn everyone who breaks minor rules that have little effect on the server. Wherever possible use powers such as mute, freeze and jail instead of banning and kicking.

Previous Punishments

When punishing someone admins have always been told to consider their previous punishment history. However this can be unfair to players who have worked hard to change their attitude. You can now only consider the last 2 weeks of punishments.


There will be no further bans for Disrespect. Instead staff members must use the mute commands to their advantage. By blocking communications it is no longer possible for that person to disrespect anyone.

How to Handle Player Reports

You need to be admin or higher to handle player reports for the server you're staff on.

Step 1 "Reviewing the Report"

First, find the report abuse you're planning to handle, here's an example one:
Name - (What is the accused person's name?) Player x
Steam-ID - (What is the accused person's Steam-ID?) STEAM_0:0:1234
Evidence of Steam-ID - (Screenshot or video of the accused players Steam-ID)
Server - (What server was this on?) SSRP Server One
Time and date (CET) - (When did it happend?) 11:30 AM EST
Other comments - (Anything else you want to add?) None
Reason - (What rules did the person break?) RDM
Story - (What happened?) Billy RDM'd me, I was very sad and disgusted with his knowledge of the rules!
Proof - (Any proof (video or screenshot) that clearly shows what happened.) (Proof Goes Here)

Read over their story, what happened, who banned them, and why, also pay attention to the reason of the ban, and for how long it was.

If the player that made the appeal isn't using the template, respond letting him know his appeal will not be reviewed if he doesn't use the template, link it to him if nobody else has, if the player still hasn't used the correct template for around half a day after making the appeal, feel free to lock and deny it for not using the template.

Step 2 "Taking Action"

After reviewing the report, if the player has no evidence about the others players claims then the accused is innocent until proven guilty with evidence. If the player does have proof, watch it, and make sure there is evidence of Steam-ID and evidence of the rule breaks the player is accusing the other player of. If there is no evidence of Steam-ID try to let the other player know that they need evidence otherwise you cannot take action. If the player still doesn't have proof of it after around six hours, you can deny it for lack of Steam-ID evidence. If there is sufficient proof of rulebreaks and Steam-ID, go in game and take action against the player. Don't go overboard with your punishment, if the player wants to be unbanned he'll need to make an appeal.

Step 3 "The Reply"

Once you've got your mind set on what action to be taken, reply accordingly letting the player making the report what is going to happen and hear him out. A little attention goes a long way and letting the player know you're there for them really seals the deal. Here are some examples of what a reply should look like.
Hello Danny, I've taken a look over your report and you've still not used the proper template provided above by Billy. You've been given more than enough time, if you still want to report this player please make another post using the template.


After you've replied, contact a Report Abuse section Moderator or higher to lock the thread.

If the player isn't using the template, make sure you remind them to use it if nobody else has and provide the template URL link.
If the player is being disrespectful or rude in his report, contact a forum staff and link them the post by the player.
You cannot handle appeals corresponding to a server you're not staff on.
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