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TOPIC: [BHOP] Staff List

[BHOP] Staff List 2 years 5 months ago #86235

This topic includes all of the staff currently on the Zarp Bhop staff team and information about them.


The owners are responsible for all of the changes and running the server. If there is a gamebreaking bug or issue with the server in general, you should contact one of the Owners. They are also responsible for dealing with abusive staff members along with the Super Admins, if you have an issue with a Staff member, contact an Owner or Super Admin.

|FP| Chuteuk - Microsoft - Community Owner/Developer | Chuteuk's Steam
|FP| TheEMP - Community Owner/Developer | EMP's Steam
Paramontana - Community Manager Paramontana's Steam
Tyler Durden - Community Manager Tyler's Steam
Max - Server Owner/Developer | Max's Steam
CaptinF1rework - Server Owner | CaptinF1rework's Steam

Head Administrators

Are in charge of managing the staff team. Head Admin is the second highest in-game rank. They deal with staff to staff problems, can issue demotions in case of an emergency and are given access to all adminstrative commands. Should you have a problem with a staff member these are the people who can best assist you.

Neon Raider

Super Administrators

Super Administrators are responsible for training staff members, and dealing with the abusive staff members. If you need training, help or an issue with a staff member, contact one of the Super Administrators/Owners.



Administrators are responsible for staffing the servers like the moderators, except they have more powers capable of dealing with Hackers, Scripters and any other type of rulebreaker. If you see someone Hacking/Scripting or breaking loads of rules, or just rulebreaking in general you can contact an Admin.




A Good Pianist


Moderators are responsible for dealing with most of the rulebreakers in the server, rulebreakers like hackers and scripters are harder for them and that's why the Admins are here. If someone is rulebreaking, you can contact a Moderator.



Clio / Mika


Space Core




Is your name not on the list? Then contact one of the forum staff members.

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