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TOPIC: [Deathrun] Activity

[Deathrun] Activity 1 year 2 months ago #291310

We have recently adjusted the activity standards on Deathrun because currently there are too many staff members that are just leaving it at 4 hours and not playing anymore because all they have to do is get that amount of activity.


We have changed the required time as staff down to 2, due to the increase in people struggling to get this. Lowering it to 2 makes it more easy for all staff to obtain without issues.

We have bumped up the 4 Hours minimum to 5 Hours minimum now, we have done this as 4 hours is a low amount and is very easy to get, and people can just get 4 hours and leave it at that, so bumping it up to 5 hours will make it more challenging to get minimum hours and will make it so that staff members will have to play for longer meaning there will be more staff on the server, creating a better and more enjoyable environment.


You are required to get 2 Hours a week from now on, this can mean an hour a day which is very easy to obtain, as you could easily play a few hours in a couple days and be done with it, this doesn't mean that you join the server just to get hours, you're expected to staff to the best of your abilities.

If you do not reach 2 hours in a week and you haven't brought any issues you may have to the Lead Team, then you will be reminded to improve next time, but if you don't get any activity in a week without bringing any of your issues to the Lead Team then you will be spoken to and given your first warning. 2 weeks in a row with no activity at all may result in demotion if you have not provided any improvement or reasoning as to why you're inactive. If you are unable to be contacted within 2 weeks then we will demote you.

To avoid any harsh consequences, if you're going to have low activity or no activity, make a forum post as to why you're going to be inactive (don't have to go into detail if you don't want to) and please say how long for, then the Lead Team can produce a figure of time on how long you can be inactive for until demotion.

Family, personal issues, schoolwork, exams, lack of computer/broken equipment, anything that seriously impacts the amount of time you have access to your computer is considered a valid excuse. If you are seen playing other games and your inactivity reason is not being unable to play Garry's Mod, then you will be dealt with harshly because we do not tolerate this sort of backstabbing. We also do not tolerate when your activity reason is "because I don't want to play" or you're just involved in other games, because it's unfair on us and the server.

Remember, if you're going to be inactive, then please make a post on the Forums so we can refer back to it at a later date and see proof when we're on the topic of demotions.
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